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The LAB Rats and Associates, a group of multifaceted professional artists; founded by JRyanArtist, The Anomalous, Brush and Big as ART! The LAB Rats experiment in creativity and embody the processes of creating visual art. You never know what may happen in the art laboratory however, rest assured, it will be interesting and slightly unexpected.

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A new years eve party contracted by APEX Events required the enlistment of The Lab Rats to construct a backdrop centerpiece based on the children's book, "What if Furniture Could Fly": The Adventures of the Flying Furniture" by author/illustrator, J. Ryan McCutcheon. A new image - 'Lifting Light' was produced in the spirit of the book specifically for this venue. The 10'+ tall sculpture, built and installed using all 'Old School' techniques by JRyanArtist and the Anomalous Brush, exceeded the expectations of event coordinators Julia Foley and Bonne Summers.

Technology, quondam expertise and innovative, resourceful thinking are among the strategies we employ to leave our clients satisfied with the end result on their allotted budget.

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