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The LAB Rats and Associates, a group of multifaceted professional artists; founded by JRyanArtist, The Anomalous, Brush and Big as ART! The LAB Rats experiment in creativity and embody the processes of creating visual art. You never know what may happen in the art laboratory however, rest assured, it will be interesting and slightly unexpected.

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  • Geauxsicles Mural
  • Geauxsicles Mural
  • Geauxsicles Mural
  • Geauxsicles Mural
  • Geauxsicles Mural


Geauxsicles is an outdoor advertisement based mural on the unique design of their gourmet popsicles. Contributing artist Johnny and Kathryn Day along with the proprietors Arron, Matthew, and Andrew made this one of my favorite public art projects. The mural is approximately 40 feet in length by 22 feet high. It was completed in two phases: October of 2011 and February of 2012.

Geauxsicles are made from real fruit ice pop flavors like: Lemondrop, Summertime, Sublime, Mandarineez, Hot Passion, Mango Tango, Chocwave, Parisian Pink, Blackberry Blues, Berry Rouge, Cocoa Rouge, PB and J, Southern Peach, Java the Pop, A-lotta-colada, All-American, Crantastic, Banana Bliss, Strawberry Chance and the Julius Freezer. Geauxsicles are a unique twist to an ordinary popsicle and have been very successful.

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